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John F Barnes, PT, international lecturer, author,

authority and pioneer of The Myofascial Release Approach says Abbe is "small and mighty" and "highly evolved".


 After my session I had a sense of well being. A few days later there was no pain in my elbow which had plagued me every night for months and interrupted my sleep.
I thought I had a one-way ticket to surgery, this resolution is just unbelievable!

Dr. Katherine Sherif, Professor, Vice Chair Dept. Of Medicine, Thomas Jefferson University


I feel great! THANK YOU. My pain has changed from an 8 to a 1!

Dr. Scott, Philadelphia, PA
Client presenting with Dupuytrens symptoms, post-partum hand and wrist pain



I’m naturally a skeptic, so when I began feeling results from Abbe’s treatment, I knew it wasn’t the placebo effect. I am amazed and delighted by how gentle the process was, and by how much Abbe did to alleviate pain and realign my body. I have a 20-year-old shoulder injury.   Before I saw Abbe, I hadn't even slept on that side for 20 years. The night after she worked on that shoulder, I woke up on my right side with no pain. Before I started I had given up on my body. Now, I’m excited to continue treatment because I believe in my body’s ability to heal itself with Abbe’s gentle and always-professional help. I can even envision myself out on the tennis court again—what a great feeling! 


R.K. Philadelphia, PA


Abbe's work feels ethereal!

C.L. Philadelphia



Abbe's skill in John Barnes Myofascial Release has been a tremendous healing experience.
I have a back injury, have had a few surgeries, c-section scars and several injuries since Ive been active all of my life.
One by one Abbe has ben working to resolve the root cause of my pain- Much of the pain was caused by my scar tissue which disrupts the fascia-- This work has also relieved my ear pain that I have had for over a year. I have no idea what caused the intense pain,but after mentioning it, Abbe worked near my head and neck and I have complete relief. The treatment itself is also incredibly relaxing. Some of the pain has been with me for years and I am getting relief- I'm sticking with it- its a process, not instant- but after one session you are likely to feel a benefit! I highly recommend Abbe and this technique.

Lois L. Blue Bell, PA September 2017



I am 71 years old and have had arthritis for at least fifteen years. I had had significant success in continuing most activities with a combination of acupuncture, PT exercises to strengthen surrounding muscles, hands on work, Chinese herbs, and Advil (especially when dancing for long periods of time). When one of my practitioners said that my right knee in particular was in a degenerative process and all I could hope to do was maintain it, I went into resignation briefly and then went looking elsewhere.
I found Abbe Mogell on the referral section of the John Barnes website.
My improvement has been remarkable. The sessions themselves are often blissful, at the very least profoundly relaxing. I feel physically touched in ways that my body didn't know it was needing but once experienced is deeply healing. 

Abbe has done many trainings in addition to being an Expert Myofascial Release practitioner. Those come into our sessions as well – power animals have visited, very high light energies feel like they are present in my being, and I suspect there are other things I haven't words for. The well-being extends through more than just my physical rejuvenation but it is that that I am most profoundly grateful for. 
Carolyn T., Pathwork Practitioner Philadelphia, PA






Through the years I've sought help to relieve a number of chronic ailments, mine being low back and sciatic pain, sinus problems, allergies, asthma, skin rashes, reflux, anxiety, trouble sleeping and wounds from emotional traumas. I gave many healing modalities  a solid chance but all I ever achieved was very temporary relief or no change. Thankfully I heard about Myofascial Release and was referred to Abbe's practice and then change started to happen. Abbe is a very gifted healer. She has a vast knowledge of the human body and an intuitive sense of what I need. She is deeply compassionate. Something happens when I'm in session that feels magical. She works with an open heart and she's so tuned into my needs that it can at times feel other worldly and meditative. During a recent session, she had a vision of a woman who had a message for me and without a doubt it was my deceased mother. There is no way Abbe could have known I'd been wishing and praying for this message. I feel like there's some co-creation occurring that Abbe is able to tune into. The work I have done with Abbe has had a life changing impact!

E.C. Philadelphia, PA



Thank you, I am feeling "mellow".  No pain for the first time  in quite awhile.
R.G., Lansdale, PA



Thank you – I am HEALED!!!! After experiencing shoulder pain for the past few weeks, all I had to do was mention that my shoulder was bothering me and you touched the area for literally 20 seconds and the pain is gone.  I felt the “pop” and instantly the whole area felt lighter and painless.  I wanted to wait 24 hours to write this e-mail because the greatest amount of pain for me is usually in the morning upon waking.  Guess what – no pain.  I am HEALED!!!!   I do believe that you are medical intuitive.  I do believe you have the knowledge and the compassion to be a great practitioner.  Moreover, I am happy to share my experience because there is absolutely no good reason to let pain linger nor is there any reason to let pain dictate what you can and cannot do.  Thank you for sharing your gift with me.  
A. H.
Phila, PA


" I recently strained a muscle in my neck and could barely turn my head without pain. After one session with Abbe I felt SO much better,  by the next day it was as if I had not hurt myself at all.

Abbe consistently knows which places  need attention, and I always feel better after a session with her, but this particular session was remarkable, considering the pain I entered her office with! I highly recommend Abbe for pain relief.


Narbeth, PA



Abbe, Thank you so much for all your hard work.  We really appreciate it!
I was having pain in my side for about 4 weeks.  I was so sore I couldn't lay down on my side or back and when I walked it hurt.  After one treatment it didn't hurt when I coughed and I could lay down on my back and side.  After the second treatment my pain was greatly reduced to the point of barely noticeable. I would highly recommend Abbe for mfr.  She is a miracle worker!  Amazing results!

Rosemont, PA

'Due to my TMJ symptoms, I had gotten to the point where I could barely eat.  The dentist referred me to an oral surgeon who ultimately informed me that there was nothing that he could really do to help (surgery to address any adhesions that might be holding my lower jaw in its incorrect position may or may not mitigate my symptoms, but would not be a cure).  The myofascial release treatments that I received from Abbe Mogell were an integral part of the holistic approach I decided to take to address my problem.   After  6  treatments, I found that my jaw was considerably more relaxed and that I could eat almost anything (even bagels, which I had been steering clear of).  I was able to open my mouth wide without the fear that it would get stuck open, and also found that I was getting occasional relief from my nightly teeth clenching.   Abbe is thorough and professional and seems to know exactly where to focus her energies. I definitely recommend Abbe and MFR for TMJ.  It worked for me. '

New Jersey
Client presenting with TMJ symptoms

“After my MFR sessions I feel relaxed and invigorated. My knee pain is less severe, and there is no desire to pop a pain pill

S. E.,
Blue Bell, PA
Client presenting with  bilateral ACL tears.

“I feel like I finally have regained part of my body- I can feel an awareness of reconnection to my lower torso, my stomach and abdomen. I feel flexible in places I haven’t for years”

J. B.,
Jenkintown, PA

“I feel like I am fully back in my body, my asthma symptoms have decreased and I am sleeping better"

Lansdale, PA



I feel grounded and feel a deep sense of freedom after receiving a healing session with Abbe!

D.D. Philadelphia ,PA


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